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Women today often face three big challenges: discrimination, being treated unfairly because they are women, or the internal struggles based insecurities that they may not have overcome yet. The Warrioress Mindset Program with Shockwave Defense is here to help. It boosts your self-confidence, teaching you that you are truly strong and enough to face any challenge, and that you can find your inner warrioress strength no matter how long you feel you’ve been weak. This program helps you stand strong, feel safe, and make decision that you may not have had the confidence to make before. 

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We have trained over 50,000 PEOPLE to unleash the strongest version of themselves. Here is what a few of them had to say.

Dr. Gary Sanchez

CEO and Founder of the WHY Institute

Dr. Michael Melloy

Owner Petroglyph Animal Hospital

Etan Polinger

Ex- Israeli SF Combat Medic

The Shockwave Defense Lineage