Protectors Alliance


The Protectors Alliance group is designed to help executives and professionals to master elite protection skills so they can tap into a warrior mindset, be prepared for danger and be the protector their family needs. Rules:

  • Do not attack or be hateful to other members.
  • Do not post links to your or any other site.

We will post info on courses and training events that we offer from time to time. If this is a conflict for you, you’re welcome to leave the group. We are the Protectors Alliance. Our mission is to help truth seekers get the edge over their mind and body. We offer insights about personal defense, but also focus on mental expansion, and mental toughness. The mind is first and the strongest weapon that we have.The mind is first and the strongest weapon that we have. Our mission is to empower people through education so that they can protect themselves and thrive in any situation. Our vision is a world where everyone is mentally strong and knows how to defend themselves physically and emotionally. Join us on this journey! Make sure to introduce yourself first thing when you get into the group!