Mindset Ninja Certification
Level 1






This course is a level trainers requirement that enables the student to become certified in Mindset Ninja I of III. The level of training in this course will help the student understand the standards of what a Guardian that is willing to become a warrior must engage in, in order to win at any cost. Topics from this course are not limited to, but include, content from our training for Fortune 100 companies training for their top sales people how to get the edge in mindset. We cover controversial topics such as persuasion, and how it can be used to gain access over our own minds as well as influence others to better understand themselves. The student will also get certified in the Shockwave Defense software for Warrior Archetypes  enabling them to help others figure out how to function as a tribe in their organizations and what it takes to succeed.

The course includes the online portal access as well as the live digital call that will be hosted by Master Johnson & some of his mindset coaches. Students may ask questions and engage in lively conversations as well as learn new tools to help them in their journey to leadership!