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Today’s young males face three key challenges. Firstly, they struggle with the pressure to adhere to societal norms that tell them masculinity is wrong, which can make them suppress their truth strength. Secondly, many grapple with establishing a clear identity of sense of self in an increasingly complex world. Lastly, they often confront the effects of digital technology’s overload, fostering isolation and disconnect from real-world experiences.
The Young Warrior Mindset Program aims to address these challenges head-on. It encourages the accepting masculinity as more than just aggression but to include emotional intelligence, nurturing resilience and healthy mental habits. The program empowers young men to discover their unique purpose, providing tools to build confidence and a sense of self. Finally, it teaches them to manage digital distractions, emphasizing the importance of real-life connections and experiences. This holistic approach enables young males to navigate their challenges and promotes overall well-being.

We have trained over 50,000 men to unleash the strongest version of themselves. Here is what a few of them had to say.

Dr. Gary Sanchez

CEO and Founder of the WHY Institute

Dr. Michael Melloy

Owner Petroglyph Animal Hospital

Etan Polinger

Ex- Israeli SF Combat Medic

The Shockwave Defense Lineage