Concealed Carry and Urban Safety

How many people go through their CCW class and still aren’t comfortable handling a weapon?

This comprehensive hybrid training course will give you additional tactical training on handling your weapon, and getting comfortable protecting yourself and your family in high-risk- high threat scenarios.

Additional training aspects that will benefit each student are: 

*Handling a Carjacking
*Acquiring Your Weapon Under Stress
*When To Shoot & When Not To Shoot
*Family Preparedness and Readiness
*Testing Scenarios To Ensure Practical & Functional Execution

This is the online portion of your Urban Safety & Concealed Carry. An instructor will reach out to you with further details if you don’t already them on the physical portion of this training. If you additional question feel free to contact the office at 505-718-4500 or email us at

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Course Includes

  • 81 Lessons
  • 1 Quiz